Commissioned for and curated by Andrè Lepecki for the 'Nomadic New York' Festival in Berlin’s reopening of its House of World Cultures, August 2007.

A 3 hour latenight (11-1) work that included dance, graphic anal praying/performance, the building of a totem-easel and then the portrait-painting from memory of a prostitute that was found murdered, alongside three others, on the outskirts Atlantic City, NJ, two Thanksgivings ago (11/06).  

[The portraits seen here on A’TYS in the Paint/2000's "Black Horse Pike" gallery are the faces of these 4 murdered prostitutes.  As of Spring '08 no arrest has been made.  For FUR EGG the portrait painted was the face of Molly Jean Dilts.]  


FUR EGG opens with a shouting verticle sprint across the stage, back and forth six times.
Then the man-white, dragging his bundle, pulled blubbering & cursing across the stage, until something unseen severs his grip on it, and he finds idiot fascination with the reality of having two hands.

Binding t’fillin naked.
Binding cockring.
A long moment of breathing, with the whole body.
A dance, to Chet Baker’s My Ideal.

‘Ass God’ - Subjection, groaning ‘God’ as ass becomes face.

Unwrapping bundle.
The bundle contained collected Berlin street garbage.
Self-anointing with soil and curd.

Building totem-easel from bundle contents.
Hanging the bundle's skin as the screen.
Donning prosthetic belly & martial-elegant skirt.

Storytelling: the Four Murdered  Prostitutes, and other tales.

9-11 chant:  Halfway through Fur Egg occurs a chant/call & response with the audience:

call: What's your favorite number?  
response: 9-11! 9-11!

with many different verses: 

What’s your favorite number

Makes me want to scream and holler
Want to put my arms around you
            Shove my head in!
Shove my head in!


On the screen films play at intervals during the portrait painting.

This first half of the piece can be seen in the linked images.  Second half and video excerpts coming soon.

IMAGES  [Anatomically explicit]