Surrepetition (A Little Power Play.) (1995)
The portrait drawing session of the first woman on American paper money. Auschwitz 50th anniversary. Phone-sex on hold. Bruise makeup. Kaddish. New School For Social Research, NYC. [pdf]

Sap (1996)
'Avoid telling the story at all cost.' Mother pays men to have her daughter. Holocaust survivors abducted, their bones turned to powder, sold as the new designer drug - "Survivor". Sweet smell of spring in the air. Hole in a sheet. The mezuzah thief. The burning book. A family affair. Atrium Theater, NYC. [pdf]

MINE (1997)
Two miners dig up objects and make up history. Has history made them up? Struggle over a name. Sex change rituals and singing dancers. Fire. The davening dog. All purpose yod. It all ends in marriage. Williamsburg Art & Historical Society (WAH), Brooklyn, NY (staged reading). [pdf]

BlackBox (1997)
A score of Lady Macbeth's 'unsex me here' monologue & a commercial airliner-crash blackbox transcript. Ghoulish go-go, strap-on slapstick and shofar blowing. Penny for someone else's thoughts. Lost voice of money. The measure of space. WAH, Bklyn, NY. [pdf]

Shivah/Proper (2000-2004)
Death is a monologue? The six-armed woman, the three-pronged stethoscope, killer medical care, house of mourning-before-dying; house of prayer made of sticks. The doctor nurses. The nurse bites. The birth of objects. The six-armed lady, she sings and dances. A wet and cross-eyed blues. Williamsburg Art Nexus, Bkyln, NY '03; NYC Fringe Festival, '04. [pdf]

Mound (2001)
Post-Oedipal baseball play. A family of 5 men bury the box of their mother. Some others fall in. She loved them all, literally. Dirt-eater, masked. There's pitching and catching and plenty digging. An earth-y comedy. You want love or rain? Choose. [pdf]

Holy Wa(te)r (2001-2002)
A silent newspaper vaudevillle with scrubbrush, bucket, some film and a song.  The fall of the twins, the water dance, the blanket of news.  Created & performed by Tiny Volcofsky.  HERE Arts Center, Theatres Against War, NYC, '02.

Stickfigure (2004)
A monologue for two bodies, written in Trinidad, West Indies, spring '04; a kind of adoring and adorning of the Trinidadian tradition of Stickfighting. National Museum, Port Of Spain, Trinidad. [pdf]

Air (1999-2005)
A anti-history. Resurrected death vaudeville. Song and dance and a body-parts auction. Sabbatai Zevi wants to live? Play-in-the-play. Prodigal father, son-of-my-mind. Where's my nurse? The dead man's a cantor. The whole ward sings. An old man writes with a knife and a couple steal the show. "The best one yet." [pdf]

Oven (A Temporary Setback) (2006)
Sweet love that never stops dying.  Thrown out of one world, the oven-maker’s enlisted in the eternal war of another’s lost love.  Language tries to cut its own belly open, for relief  from gas.  There’s a hair on its tongue, though, and it gurgles ten-thousand names as it tries to recall a word.  Great songs, an opening dance, and the body of money infuriates the body of work.  Who quits?  Walt? [pdf]

Fur Egg (2007)
Solo. Commissioned for and curated by Andrè Lepecki for the "Nomadic New York" festival, House Of World Cultures, Berlin.
A three hour late-night durational work, 11pm - 1am, that included dance, naked binding of t'fillin & cockring, graphic anal praying/performance, the building of a totem-easel from Berlin garbage and the portrait-painting from memory of a prostitute that was found murdered, alongside three others, on the outskirts Atlantic City, NJ.  A set physical score, alongside an improvised text of tale-telling.  Intermittant short films.  A "9-11" audience call and response (chorus:  "What's your favorite number?  9-11!  9-11!").  A deep strata body-poem ... building & creating, subjection and holiness, the ass & the face, paternity/maternity.  Haus der Kunst der Welt, Berlin, Germany.  August '07.   [images]

Kicked Out Of Death (2008)
Collaborative work created and performed with Peter Jacobs, playing collectively as Père Another.
A folie à deux: two men having been thrown into the world and the fraternity of strangers. A postmortal struggle of hilarity, humiliation and confined nomadism.  "One wants what the other has; the other wants what's missing."  The intrasubjective violence of monologue.  "The same" ruptured by curse and by ass, thus: the impossibility of sleep, a future of hunger food.  Chocolate Factory Theater, LIC, NY.  April-May '08.  [website] [images]
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