BlackBox was performed for three nights in mid-November 1997
at The Williamsburg Art & Historical Society, in its raw basement space.

Produced by WAH & Donald Breckenridge. 
Video shot by Anna Hitzenberger.

Man In The Suit – David Olson.
Stool Woman – Claudia Hitzenberger.
Book Woman – The Realtor.
Thrown Woman – Jessica Willis.
Thrown Man – Matthew Seidman.
Watching Man – William Dalton.

Composed, Designed & Directed by MKS Volcofsky.

BlackBox – Production  Text & VideoStills.


Dirt floor.  
Two stacks of slate-slabs Down-Center, dirt piled at their bases. 
Recording device on a slate-stack behind them, between them.
Dim light. 
A plant with three candles burning in it at the edge of the beginning of the House, on the floor.
Man In The Suit enters, Left. 
Penlight in mouth, measuring tape in hand.  He measures off segments of the space & its objects. 
Finally tallies it up, writes a figure on the air with light.  Exits, Left.
He returns with a lantern, lit.  He ties it to a line hanging Center.  Scrapes a line in the dirt with a heel.  Exits.
He returns with a set of two steps, puts them down at the line in the dirt Up Left.  Takes his place at Up Right Corner.  Stands.
From Up Right a woman carrying a tall stool with one hand by its foot over her head slowly enters, passing across the Man.
Behind her a woman carrying a book by a corner over her head enters, walking sidewards, facing House. 
The Stool Woman climbs the steps, places the stool down, then mounts the stool dangerously, standing atop it. 
The Book Woman opens one of the steps, throws the book in, then mounts them, standing atop them. 
They stand.

The Man In The Suit pulls a shofar from his suitjacket and gives a long blow on the ram’s horn. 
The Stool & Book Women begin a grotesque Go-Go, starting sexy then becoming more and more violent and aggressive, pulling the skin off themselves, frenzied, desperate.

While the Go-Go continues, the Man In The Suit goes off Up Right and re-enters, Down Right, pushing a woman in a kind of smock-dress with a light under it at her crotch. 
He throws her to the ground. 
The Man In The Suit exits Right, returns, pushing a man, naked, and then throwing him to the ground. 
The Man In The Suit exits, retakes his position in the Up Right Corner.

The two Thrown people get up, first the woman, then the man. 
He is sobbing, drooling.  She laughs at him. 
She finally pulls off her smock and steps over an imaginary crevice and puts her dress on him. 
The light under her dress is revealed as a small light inserted into a strap-on dildo she wears. 
She returns to her spot, stepping over divide.  He still sobs, hunched. 
She, annoyed, steps again over imaginary divide, straps the cock-light on him, steps back to her place. 
He begins to calm.  Becomes upright. 
He turns the cock-light around, so it points out, behind him.

The shofar is blown again.
The Go-Go stops. 
All stand still.

The two Thrown bring a hand to an ear, as if they were hearing something. 
They turn away from one another, lean over, back up towards one another, and the cock-light enters the woman, from behind both of them, ass to ass
They have a kind of swimming, pain-faced sex, climaxing with the cock-light snapping off between the woman’s legs. 
They stand upright, back to back, and make a rhythmic hacking sound, ten times, one arm pointing accusatorially off-stage. 
They turn to face House. 
The woman extends an upturned palm. 
The man tears a piece of his dress off, gives it to the woman tenderly. 
He then rips the cock-light from between her legs, puts it, light-tip pointing out, into his mouth. 
They sit on the slabs. 
Using the cock-light as illumination, the man readies himself, poised with a marker in his hand above her breasts.

The Book Woman reaches in the steps, pulls out two books, gives one to the Stool Woman, keeps her own.
The Stool Woman sits on the stool. Book Woman remains standing.

The Man In The Suit comes, pulls the lantern to one side, pauses, then lets it swing.  This is the signal to begin:

The man with the cock-light sticking out of his mouth pushes a button on the recording device.  An engine sound begins, punctuated by human voices.
The Thrown Woman begins reciting the transcript of a black box recording of a passenger airline crash.
The Thrown Man begins to draw on her chest, eventually making the image of a kind of instrument panel dial.
He stops periodically to point the cock-light in her ear, making it blink with a finger, placed and removed, rhythmically.

During this the two Go-Go Women are working through Lady Macbeth’s monologue, ‘unsex me here.’   The Book Woman trying to get the Stool Woman to ‘get’ the lines, with little success.  Repeating phrases mis-pronounced.  They make it through one time, the Book Woman reaches into her book and pulls out a coin, drops it into her student’s book.  The books are closed.  In unison now, they move through the speech again.  “Acting” a little better.  Another coin dropped into the Stool Woman’s book.

At the place in the crash transcript which says “72 second interruption on recording” the entire company just stops, leaves the stage.  Recording device turned off.  Enters House. 
Each stands behind an audience member, watches the emptied stage – but which now has a man, barefoot, sitting in a chair Up Left, watching the House. 
When he entered the stage is not clear. 
The company leans and whispers “Thank You” to the audience member in front of them, and about 72 seconds after leaving, return to their positions. 

Recording device is turned on. 
Resume the recitations, and the payment.

Upon finishing the transcript, the two Thrown hook their arms through one another’s armpits, face to face, and with arms extended, slowly spin Off Right.
The Stool Woman exits the same way she entered, carrying the stool by a leg over her head. 
The Book Woman follows, exiting the same way she entered, walking sideways, facing the House. 
She stops at the Man In The Suit. 
He tilts his head back, opens his mouth. 
She pours all the coins in her book – a large amount – into his mouth, and exits.

The Man In The Suit closes his mouth.  Steps forward.  Reaches into his inside pocket, pulls out a piece of paper, unfolds it, makes ready to recite, proclaim what is on it. 
All that comes out of his mouth is a sluggish stream of coins
He crumples up the paper, obviously disappointed, and moving to the lantern, cups it in his hands and as if intending to kiss it, blows it out
He exits Left.
The man in the chair has disappeared.