Tiny Volcofsky


Holy Wa(te)r


A silent newspaper vaudeville with scrub brush, bucket, some film & a song.

Tiny Volcofsky
Karmenlara Seidman
Matthew Seidman

These manipulated images are video stills from the HERE Arts Center performance, which accompanied
Karmenlara's fever essay 'Trembling In The Archive' [pdf - more images]
in the 'Moving Bodies' issue of the journal
Performance Research,
published by Routledge, 12/03.

Holy Wa(te)r
was performed at
Zero Boy's hosting of
Vanessa Clarke's 'Texturlized' Series, 12/01
at HERE Arts Center for
Theatres Against War, 03/02

Bearing a cracked pot of water, the two enter the space.
They remove their shirts.
She unzips & reaches into his fly, pulls out a scrubbrush.
He unzips and reaches into her fly, unspools a roll of film.
These are dropped into the water.
They undress.
In unison, they begin a softshoe routine, which escalates into a kind of manic box-stepping, with him becoming more and more possessed.
She flings water at him, to cool it.
Finally, she grabs him, up against the wall, and with the water and brush, scrubs him harshly, singing the folk song
'chicken is nice, chicken is nice, chicken is nice with palm butter & rice.'
He tries to get away a couple of times.
Finally all washed, she grabs him by the balls and leads him that way back into the middle of the space.
They stand.
They perform the Fall of the Twins.
He's hit in the belly, buckles over.
She's hit next.
She falls, he falls upon her.
They make love.
They finish, and frantically pull the film out of the water, looking at it.
Finally, they cover one another with the news of the day, and sleep.